Monday, 27 February 2017

And then there is Tyler...

Who is almost eighteen and hung up on revenge..revenge for the killer of his dad and revenge for the sake of his mother who was deceived and lied to by his father; and his little sister who didn't deserve any of it. He's angry about being forced to give up a promising career in AFL and forced to move states, and he's angry about being forced into witness protection, often, disrupting his schooling his family and his life. And he's fierce and won't put up with any ones shit including the schools stud Cohen and his taunts. He gives off a piss off attitude and is usually left to himself. Until he meets Charlie who looks as lonely as he is. And alone. And, even though he totally doesn't expect to be is drawn to her and allows her to penetrate his walls. Charlie is a breath of lightness in his dark world and although she's troubled; she brings hope - that there is something in life that matters and it gives him purpose - he feels a strong need to protect her and to fight his own personal demons for; and she brings a softness that he hasn't felt inside him for a very long time. Tyler however finds himself on the run, narrowly avoiding the risk of imminent danger, and as he falls steadily and hard for Charlie she is implicated and is pulled along with him on the run; at first kicking and screaming and then in love and loyalty, until he almost dies and is at risk of loosing her the only good thing in his life. 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

And so the sequel has come to life, still in it's early stages, but showing some promise..

Out of Darkness
“CHARLOTTE, WAIT’ my mother's voice rises to another octave and even with the traffic between us, I hear her loud and clear.
    ‘Run, Tyler RUN’ I whisper hoarsely at him. He gets my drift and accelerates back toward the school office pulling me along with him.
    “CHARLOTTE! you wait right there, do you hear me? Victoria yells at me, harsher this time as she attempts to cross the road between cars that swerve sharply missing her within centimeters.
    ‘Charlie what is it, what’s going on?’ Mr. Barrett the school principal looks up from the reception desk where he’s bent over talking to the school secretary, as we explode through the front door.
    ‘Sssir my mothers here and she wants to see me. Please help sir.’
    I don’t need to explain anything more. The school already knows Victoria is prohibited from seeing me and not allowed on school property.
    ‘Where is she?’ he says looking at Tyler.
    ‘In the car park Sir’
    ‘You stay with Charlie, I’ll go out and deal with her. Mrs. Simpson, please ring the police and Charlie’s Dad in that order.’
    ‘Both of you wait in my office’
    I slump down on the sofa in the Principals office and hold my head in my hands, trying to catch my breath from the fifty-meter sprint to the office.
    ‘It’s OK Charlie, it’s OK, Barrett will take care of it, your dad and the cops will be here any minute, there's nothing she can do to you now!’
    Tyler is squatting in front of me, hands on my thighs. His voice and his touch still the waves of tremor that hit my body. I fall against him and hold him tight. He wraps his arms around me and moves to sit beside me. I rest my head on his shoulder, shut my eyes and will the scene from my mind.
    But her face haunts me and vivid memories flash back into my vision. I cover my eyes with the heels of my hands and wish I could smash the pictures out of my head.
I vaguely hear the receptionist make the calls and tell me Mitch is already on his way. An eternity longer I hear the only voice I want to hear.
    My dad rushes to my side and I clutch hold of him like I’m drowning. Tyler stands and moves across the room. He knows I need my dad right now.

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Thing about Charlie..(Part 1 of - An intro to the main protagonists)

She is 17 years old, on the cusp of that period in your life where you want so desperately to be independent..and not quite sure how to be. She is sometimes painfully shy and lacks the confidence and bravado that is often seen in later adolescence. She has lived without a mother's care and love for most of her 17 years. She is street smart as she has lived all her life in the city.  Is close to her dad Mitch who she feels has had a rough deal in his relationship with Victoria, and who has overcompensated and overprotected her, because of it. She gives off vulnerability and most people she meets, like her new friend Ruby want to protect her. She has anxiety and through the book learns to deal with it inadvertently while on the run with Tyler who she falls for, hard, and develops a fierce loyalty to, at the expense of her own safety. Through exposure to some of her fears, she learns how to be resilient, she learns how to be brave. But there is one thing she needs to face more than anything else and begin to deal with. But that one thing is the terror of her dreams; the anxious thoughts before she blacks out; the air that refuses to fill her lungs so she cannot breathe. Charlie...

Friday, 16 December 2016

As the year comes to an end..

I thought I'd share some of the Books I've read and loved this year..
They are of course all 5* reads in my opinion..

 Fiona Woods 'Cloudwish'
Cath Crowley's 'Words in Deep Blue' 

Krystal Sutherland 'Our Chemical Hearts'

These three are three of the best contemporary YA reads around. The writers have nailed their protagonists feels so well that your chest aches with the intensity of it, particularly for Sutherlands Henry as he faces unrequited love.

Mary Anne Yarde's ' The Du Lac Chronicles' Excellent Historical Fiction and I totally fell in love with Merton, one of the books main protagonists, you will have to read the book to find out why.. I have no doubt that he will have the same effect on you as he did on me...
Marion Kurmennow's 'Unrelenting' Based on a true story about the authors grandparents and the harsh treatment of German Jews in the second World war, Unrelenting is a sad frightening read that was hard to put down.

All of the above was for me a totally satisfying read and I hope they will be for you as well..they are all available on Amazons at a ridiculously low price.. happy reading everyone.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The Green Room: And for some unknown reason..

The Green Room: And for some unknown reason..: my biog app has decided that it will no longer allow me to write a post and closes down at any attempt to write more than a few words..and I...

And for some unknown reason..

my biog app has decided that it will no longer allow me to write a post and closes down at any attempt to write more than a few words..and I have tried to fix the problem to no avail.. this has happened before and a quick update of software and I'm up and running but this time no such luck, as far as I can see there is no update required.. so I'm back to laptop posts which are fine but a little inconvenient and a tad frustrating when I seem to get a light bulb moment mostly when I'm out and about without the big guy.. but hey things could be worse, my phone could die and believe me without access to twitter, Instagram, FB, my Kindle app, Pinterest, watt pad, my notes, colorfly solitaire + other games too numerous (read embarrassing) to mention here..well I'm not sure if life would be worth living (drama queen sighs) ^^^^^^^...
(Mmmm Note to self: might be the cause of NOT getting enough writing done)
The end...

Saturday, 15 October 2016

39,000 WORDS and counting..

How hard is it to get to 50,000 words? Sooo dam hard sometimes it takes all you've got and then some..have you ever wondered why you can't get more than 300 words on the page each time you write.. this happens to me constantly, I think I have a good run on words and I get to the end of a block and find I'm around the 300 mark again, and again..
I surprised myself while away recently traveling to Newcastle by car to see my new grandson and somehow manged to get over 3000 down, partly, thanks to my husband and son who took it in turns to drive and partly because I made myself cosy in the back seat with pillows and coffee and snacks and just wrote, and wrote some more. And then the brilliant thing is that making a choice to travel home by train instead of flying means I did the same again astonishingly getting past the 6000 word count in less than one week.. so now i just need to plan another trip away.. where I'm strapped in my seat with plenty of snacks and coffee and you never know I might get the dam book finished sometime this year..or not..