Friday, 30 January 2015

It's been a while..

As a matter of fact I've been away so long it feels like I'm starting a new blog beginning all over again..but really no..I'm not I've just moved house and have to say an impossible job two months ago has just become possible..that's it we are out..finally..and basking (well not exactly) in a job well (well not really) done..and reflecting in pain (every inch of muscle, arm, shoulder, leg & yep back aches even my ears) right now  & can imagine will do for a few days..or weeks(some of my have to have or I won't survive s..t is way too heavy) and we are now officially homeless (well technically we are holed up in a hotel room, not able to face going out the door again just in case there is another heavy pile of well you no what waiting for us to store somewhere, throw in the tip or dump on another unsuspecting friend (actually my friends are very suspecting)..but seriously what a job! Def not for the faint hearted & those of the human race that lack body strength ( by that I mean well endowed in the muscle department) & determination of mind..but enough said..we are out & recovering..& waiting for our next adventure..c u next time from somewhere in the world..