Monday, 10 September 2018

Out of Darkness is on Amazon..

After a further lengthy delay, waiting for life to get out of the way and final edits Out of Darkness the sequel to Breathless is finally up on Amazon..apologies to those of you who have been waiting, and perhaps given up but it is now available as an ebook on the link below to purchase..
OOD follows Charlie and Tyler to a turbulent and surprising end. Faced with further crims trying to hunt him down Tyler and Charlie are on the run again this time in Melbourne. With unexpected twists and turns Tyler is released finally from the fear that has gripped his life since his father died.
Charlie however is gripped with a new fear. Coming face to face with her mother, Victoria. A fear so intense it threatens to destroys her. Only this time Charlies fears cease in a way she could never have anticipated..

Catch all the action; a race through city streets, a kidnapping, etc and find out if fear and loss can destroy them..

Till next time..