Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How did it get past Christmas '15 already?

Someone wound the clock forward for sure last's kinda crazy but I feel like we just stepped into a new year a minute ago and all of a sudden we've slipped right out the end of it and stand at the brink of another new's January 4th as I write this and I'm in awe of the year ahead if it's to be anything like last year..a year filled with cleaning out & packing & selling & moving from our Sydney home, relocating to the ....Byron hinterland & buying a century old farm house 8 acres and an orchard..2015 was a year where my writing took a back seat, where lack of familiarity could have tipped me over the edge & stress should have reigned supreme..but it didn't!! It was filled instead with excitement & challenge & adventure & hard physical work..and a sense of peace & contentment & rightness that I totally wasn't when I think about 2016, yes that is right it is '16 already I'm not loosing my mind, well not yet anyway..I have to think can it get any better than this?? 
Well..maybe this year I'll get back to my writing..maybe I'll get my book out, or books..or maybe I'll develop a farm blog or establish the orchard.. buy some cows, build a chicken someone..learn a language..paint a landscape..make new friends..whatever..who knows what will turn up..
all I know for sure is life and it's endless possibilities are out's what we do about them that matters..