Sunday, 2 June 2019

Facing the dreaded writers block!!!

It's June already and half way through the year and I haven't been here for a very long time..
I could say life has got in the way, the farm has been extremly busy, too busy with my grandkids etc etc etc. But they are all excuses as the real reason is I've been going through that thing called writers block...which is according to the iphone dictionary; 'usually a temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work.' As a matter of fact my temporary condition which I understand inflicts most writers at sometime throughout their writing career has been on and off now since Christmas...I don't know how it impacts on other writers but for me it has truly been like an ailment, ie feeling quite ill at the thought of writing, no clear thought in my head, and procrastination each time I get my laptop out..
Although I'm back at it now, it has taken it's toll and a bit of the joy out of my writing but I'm pressing on. With the latest book at 45,000 words and a goal of at least another 10,000 to finish, if I write 500 a week it's better than the last few months and the end seems doable..
A touch of writers block has made me wonder how other writers overcome it and how it impacts on them?   
So now I've resolved no more binge watching more long lunches sitting in the sun glass of wine in hand, no more pouring over cake recipes drooling over pear and ginger cakes and fudge filled it's writing writing and more writing...
Till next time I'll be getting it done