Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Thing About Social Media is..

That you really do find some great people to chat with, follow, be inspired by and generally get to know..and if you are a reader like me, you get to find some really awesome books online that you might miss otherwise..I love the ease of pulling a book up that's been recommended on one or other of the social media a few days ago on twitter I came across the fantastic first in a series of historical fiction novels - 'The Du Lac Chronicles'  by Mary Yarde, an epic saga of love, loyalty, betrayal that draws a reader in and keeps them with it till the end. A great read that takes you out of the ordinary everyday into a world gone by that is completely relatable. Hooked by the intrigue of the plot and the intimacy between the main protagonists I loved every minute of it and definitely would give this series a 5 star rating..