Sunday, 1 May 2016

It's 4am in the morning..AGAIN

and suddenly my creative mind has blasted into gear and my computer is alive and running.. I'm thinking there is no way out of it if you are a writer..when your thoughts flash through your head and collide together in their rush to get out and onto your page there really is only one thing you can do about it and get up and start writing..and I guess that's the point isn't it of writing you just have to do it when it flows..but..what about the discipline of writing? Should the creative mind be disciplined? is it important to schedule writing time into your day? Isn't creative writing just that, creatively writing, waiting for the inspirational flow that comes with a flourish and then getting it down on the page..I don't know about you but I get a higher word count at times like these than when I sit and stare at the screen, waiting for something to come knowing it simply.. won't.. until I figure out another idea,way, strategy, I guess I'll wait for the inevitable light bulb moment to wake me for another early morning session..