Thursday, 26 November 2015

Writing, editing, writing..

Oh my, is it ever going to be finished?? Why is it I'm never happy with it..edits edits edits..changes changes changes later and I'm still not sure..has OCD got hold of me.. is it frightful..rubbish..a disaster..a complete failure..will anyone like for it..rate it..tell others about it..
Is it unique enough..What if I'm never happy..What if I feel I can't get it right..What if I keep changing it again and again..Can it compete with current YA books..DOES IT MATTER??
 Is one ever totally happy with their manuscript? Questions asking..answers none..
The Writing Life - Is this the way it is?

Monday, 2 November 2015

And then there is Nanonanowrimo..the National Novel Writing Month

Sometimes I wish I could write a sucked into the page because it's so much better than what's happening in your real life at the moment fantasy story. Or a fantastically (is this even a word?) twist and turn crime story.. or even better a jelly legged, fire crackers going off, melt in a puddle romance..
But hey uh way..not me..not possible..s.o.o.o here I go AGAIN working on the absolute final edit of my (at least that's what I'm telling myself) first complete contemporary YA novel, perhaps with a little bit of fire cracking romance and a touch of twist and turn crime in Nanonano month..and back in the writing saddle absolutely loving it..who knows what will eventuate.

But seriously speaking of  fire crackers and fantastical reads; these are some on my current HAVE read list and I reckon some of the best YA reads of the year..