Monday, 2 November 2015

And then there is Nanonanowrimo..the National Novel Writing Month

Sometimes I wish I could write a sucked into the page because it's so much better than what's happening in your real life at the moment fantasy story. Or a fantastically (is this even a word?) twist and turn crime story.. or even better a jelly legged, fire crackers going off, melt in a puddle romance..
But hey uh way..not me..not possible..s.o.o.o here I go AGAIN working on the absolute final edit of my (at least that's what I'm telling myself) first complete contemporary YA novel, perhaps with a little bit of fire cracking romance and a touch of twist and turn crime in Nanonano month..and back in the writing saddle absolutely loving it..who knows what will eventuate.

But seriously speaking of  fire crackers and fantastical reads; these are some on my current HAVE read list and I reckon some of the best YA reads of the year..

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