Thursday, 24 August 2017

Woah!! Where has the year gone, it's almost September and...

I haven't written anything here for a while..nor have I been putting much time into writing. Between harvesting our Tumeric crop and becoming first time cattle owners, there has been so much to do on the paddock that's left little time for writing or anything else.. I have however been reading a lot at night before going to sleep, on the couch in front of the fire or curled up in bed, going through a couple of historical book series; Outlander and the current BBC hit show's been great to watch both series on the screen as well as read the books as historical fiction has always been a love of mine and the temptation to devour book after book has often kept me awake at night, as I subconsciously dwell in the time that the books are written, as you do.. I love Jamie Frazers Scotish highland era and the rugged Cornish coastline in Poldark's England and I have found that some moments in the life of a story are ones that are unforgettable and stay with you forever that magic moment at the end in Pride and Predjudice when Mr Darcy at his passionate best walks over in the early morning to ask for Elizabeths hand and she meets him half way across the field..unforgettable; absolutely. Romantic; perfectly 5 star.  A forever moment; for ever and ever..
So too it is some scenes from Poldark have held me captive and will stay with me forever.. like the one in the last episode of series one where Ross and Demelza lose their first baby, Julia, and Ross tells Demelza when she wakes up from the same illness that has taken her baby, that 'he held her (the baby) the whole time so she wouldn't be afraid to die'..unforgettable; absolutely. Gut wrenchingly sad 10/10. A forever etched in your mind moment; without a doubt..
Scenes that make you weep with joy or sadness, that catch your breath, that give you goosebumps or a feeling of everything is going to be ok in the world are good writing at it's best..and as a writer if I could create just one scene like that for my readers I would be stoked..