Sunday, 5 May 2013

Some Clarification!

So I need to explain about Kwikbytes, my yummy recipes for quick meals. I came up with the idea while writing one day. I was hubbing and tweeting away in between chapters of my novel and the hours slipped away and before I knew it I was so engrossed in writing that I suddenly realized I was famished and it was way past lunch time. Really wanting to stay in the moment of the story somewhere between the 5th & 6th chapter I was lamenting the fact that I would need to take the time to get myself some lunch & the time it would take & I had the bright idea of trying to come up with a nourishing Kwikbyte in the time it would take to compose a post on my blog or write a tweet & post it on twitter.
So basically I needed to come up with an idea in about 5 to 10 minutes.
So therefore the idea of Kwikbytes for writers was born & in coming weeks I will post more delicious recipes here on my blog & you can also find them on twitter @04darcy. Check them out you won't be disappointed.
Till later
X Mary

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