Saturday, 6 February 2016

This is a super great read..

As a prolific reader I'd often thought when I was a child that when I grow up I'd like to write like some of my favourite authors..Enid Blyton. Anna Sewel, John Marsden, LM Montgomery, the Bronte sisters etc.. Now of course I have grown up, well nearly..and 
I'm still a prolific reader but I no longer want to write like some of my favourite authors.. now the field is too wide to choose from, with new authors evolving year by year and tons of new books to discover like this fantastic example of YA writing.. now I want to write with my own writers voice, hold my own platform and share stories through my own eyes of experience..I can only hope and will be happy if I can write half as good as some of my favs from the past and some of the current writers I most admire...

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