Friday, 1 July 2016

Writing spaces can make or break you..

Right? What is it about the effect of the type of writing space you have, impacts on your ability to write..I guess what I'm trying to understand and work out for myself is if certain types of writing spaces have a more positive affect on our writing performance (for lack of a better word) than do certain other types of space? For example does a quite, verses a noisy space, better enable a writer to get more words down on paper, so to speak? I mean libraries have always been a quite space and are certainly conducive to reading & studying..which often means writing essays etc and writers centres & rooms are not really known as a hectic it's a bit of a puzzle to me as I seem to be able to write equally in both a hectic setting (sitting in a crowded coffee shop in the middle of a vibrant city..and in the quiet dead of night..or in this space I was working in today..
So I guess everyone is different right? It's truly a mater of what works best & as long as words are being written and stories are unfolding what does it matter where they are written..

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