Friday, 28 October 2016

And for some unknown reason..

my biog app has decided that it will no longer allow me to write a post and closes down at any attempt to write more than a few words..and I have tried to fix the problem to no avail.. this has happened before and a quick update of software and I'm up and running but this time no such luck, as far as I can see there is no update required.. so I'm back to laptop posts which are fine but a little inconvenient and a tad frustrating when I seem to get a light bulb moment mostly when I'm out and about without the big guy.. but hey things could be worse, my phone could die and believe me without access to twitter, Instagram, FB, my Kindle app, Pinterest, watt pad, my notes, colorfly solitaire + other games too numerous (read embarrassing) to mention here..well I'm not sure if life would be worth living (drama queen sighs) ^^^^^^^...
(Mmmm Note to self: might be the cause of NOT getting enough writing done)
The end...

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