Friday, 13 January 2017

The Thing about Charlie..(Part 1 of - An intro to the main protagonists)

She is 17 years old, on the cusp of that period in your life where you want so desperately to be independent..and not quite sure how to be. She is sometimes painfully shy and lacks the confidence and bravado that is often seen in later adolescence. She has lived without a mother's care and love for most of her 17 years. She is street smart as she has lived all her life in the city.  Is close to her dad Mitch who she feels has had a rough deal in his relationship with Victoria, and who has overcompensated and overprotected her, because of it. She gives off vulnerability and most people she meets, like her new friend Ruby want to protect her. She has anxiety and through the book learns to deal with it inadvertently while on the run with Tyler who she falls for, hard, and develops a fierce loyalty to, at the expense of her own safety. Through exposure to some of her fears, she learns how to be resilient, she learns how to be brave. But there is one thing she needs to face more than anything else and begin to deal with. But that one thing is the terror of her dreams; the anxious thoughts before she blacks out; the air that refuses to fill her lungs so she cannot breathe. Charlie...

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